Back to the mat.

Our Dojo is having its first night's training in what feels like about six or seven months tonight. Because jujitsu is one of those pursuits which can't really be done at a distance – you have to get up super close and real personal – it has been that long since the health directions from the Queensland government allowed for close contact sport.

Not that I could have trained much anyway.

I do remember going in on one of the last occasions we trained... I couldn't say when that was, may be back in late May or early June... And feeling pretty uncomfortable for a couple of hours because I had to suppress the urge to begin coughing violently every time I moved. Not a good look in the middle of a pandemic. That was before I knew my lungs were full of mysterious brown fluid, and well before I went into hospital for lung surgery.

Kind of curious about how I’ll go tonight, then.

I have been easing myself back into both cardio and strength training, emphasis on the word easing. The thing about strength training is that it’s all quantified, so I know exactly how much strength I’ve lost. Half of what I had back in April. Heart-lung capacity is a bit harder to measure, but I do know that when the right lung collapsed I lost 20% of the volume on that side. My respiratory specialist tells me I’ve got most of that back, which is good, and apparentlyI started off with an unusually high ability to extract oxygen from each breath. Nice.

Of course, everybody will be as rusty as hell. I'm kind of curious to see how the class goes. If I was running it, I would be taking everybody back to basics. Absolute basics. But I guess we'll see. Wish me luck.