Another book I'll never write.

I had a great idea for a spy novel that I can't write because it would be waaaayy to literary.

Security Clearance.

Or maybe just... Clearance.

It came to me when I was talking to my daughter about her security clearance interview and I thought back on my own interview for Defence, sometime in the mid-eighties. Later, after I’d somehow got through the clearance process and into Defence, I ended up working with the clearance gurus at OSCAR.

I was thinking that so much has changed socially and culturally since then that things which were absolute deal breakers in 1985—like, say, being gay—wouldn't necessarily rate now. (If you were secretly gay now, that'd be different, because of the possibility for blackmail).

A better writer than me, one more interested in nuance and character and layers of meaning, yada yada yada, could probably make something really cool and artful in a book about a dude whose whole life was uncovering secrets, who found himself in a world were people just didn't have secrets anymore. Quite the opposite, in fact. Oversharing and self promotion are the rule now.

I dunno what John Le Carre would make of it, but I reckon there's a great book there.