A walk in the sun.

For a couple of years now I’ve been struggling to get through an afternoon’s work. I get sleepy after lunch. I dunno whether it’s an old man thing. I seem to recall taking plenty of naps when I was young - so maybe its just a JB thing.

Kinda sucks when I’m trying to get shit done though. Really punches a hole in the day. I mentioned this to someone recently and they suggested I try a ten minute walk after lunch. Nothing full on. No hill sprints or anything.

I say, sure. I could hop on the the treadmill outside my office.

Nah, they went. Has to be in the sun.

Even with my history of skin cancer I figured I’d give it a go. Especially since this week its been pretty grey and cool anyway.

Holy shit. That ten minute stroll up and down the street totally murdered my mid afternoon slump. It does leave me a bit sleepy at the end of the end, which is tough on jujitsu nights, but at least it’s a more natural rhythm.

Sort of miss that nap but.