$8000 meal deal.

The Happy 4th reminds me that a long time ago in a reality far, far away I traveled to New York for a book tour and ate the most expensive hamburger in the world. It was full of wagyu, truffles and foie gras, just like George Washington ate, and it set me back about $250. Real dollars, too. Not Pacific pesos.

I seem to recall it being head-spinningly rich. Sickeningly over the top. But I wrote it up for someone and submitted my expenses and invoice so I also recall it with some satisfaction as one of those life moments I was lucky to have.

I hope it’s not a harbinger of American decline that this piece in GQ confirms the world’s most ridiculously expensive burger is no longer found in New York, but rather in Holland. The $8000 Golden Boy from a Dutch restaurant called De Daltons. (I’m pretty sure it’s Dirk’s local greasy spoon).

The saffron-infused gold-leaf plated buns hold together a spendy stack of super premium wagyu beef and slow coked short rib, white truffles, Beluga caviar, Iberico ham, king crab, and onion rings made with Dom Pérignon champagne batter. The barbecue sauce is a jus of single malt whisky and that insanely expensive coffee they get from Kopi Lewak beans pooped out by near extinct jungle cats.

Don’t tell me Late Stage Capitalism doesn’t know how to go out with style.

Because the magazine industry has pretty much curled up and died since I had that billionaire slider in Manhattan, I doubt I’ll be sampling the Golden Boy. But we do have our man on the spot in Dirk, and I’m sure we can prevail upon him to pop into De Daltons and give it a spin for us.

I’ll await his review in the comments section.